(English) Wisdom Together Retreat

125,53 €
SEINZ - Wisdom Resort - Seminarhaus-Biohotel-Heilzentrum Kurhausstraße 1
Fr., 16.11.2018, 19:00 Uhr – So., 18.11.2018, 15:00 Uhr MEZ

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Wisdom Together Core – Workshop / Retreat

We often think of wisdom development as a personal matter. Over time, as individuals, we develop psychologically and spiritually. We encounter obstacles in life and learn to transcend them. We gradually acquire and internalize “wisdom.” Step by step we develop an understanding of the complexity of life, and we begin to see how meaning is related to understand the place from where we operate, – to understand life.

Our connection to others is a crucial part of our personal and collective understanding and development. We are immersed in a sea of influences. Some are positive and wisdom fostering. Others pull us in unfavorable directions. Coming together is helping us to get clearance and to understand what we want to bring to this world. This is what we call Wisdom Together.

It is the time where our actions need to come from a different source, have a different expression, have a deeper meaning – have wisdom. The Inner Core is the place where new ideas find their form and expression.

During the 2 day Retreat we want to find that place – to explore what wants to be created, to understand the source of your motivation by shifting to the inner place from where it starts. We will come together open, curious and willing to see life from the eyes of the other, connecting through the inner core, engaging for what wants to emerge in 2019.

Yuko and myself are looking forward to seeing you in the SeinZ Hotel on the foothills of the German Alps.

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