Alfred Tolle

“Alfred is supporting companies as a Coach and Consultant in their transformation process towards conscious leadership and meaningful growth. In adition Alfred is the Founder and Chairman of the non-profit association, Wisdom Together e.V. to foster peace, prosperity and a sustainable world for everyone. Wisdom Together started already a series of regional and international overarching platforms, conferences, workshop and executive coaching seminars to host dialogues, transformation and change-initiatives that embrace a holistic perspective. Alfred joined Google’s EMEA HQ in Dublin, Ireland, in 2011, consulting international companies and organisations on their online marketing and digital strategies. Prior to that he was CEO of Lycos InC., one of the first large search companies based in Boston, Massachusetts, Vice President of Bertelsmann online,, in South East Asia, based in Tokyo/Japan and Executive Board Member of one of Koreas largest Internet and Media Company Daum Communication, in Seoul/Korea. His experience as an executive manager in these major blue-chip companies working across the globe, have fed into his belief that we are truly living within an interconnected society which motivates his desire to increase conscious leadership for positive global change to the world. Recognizing the influence of technology in terms of impacting people’s lives, Alfred has instigated many projects that built upon a meaningful framework for transformation towards conscious leadership. Furthermore, Alfred participated in the Global Wellbeing Lab with executives from around the world, initiated and supported by the German government (GIZ) and The Presencing Institute (MIT Boston) and was actively involved in the working group of the Club of Madrid, which delivered a research booklet about shared societies for the UN.”